AUDIENCE: Dreamwatcher

Looking through the Comments Book afterward was an exercise in tracing residues. Lot of slightly nervous, possibly irritated pokes. Jittery humor as a defense mechanism? And a few who put a name to the elephant in the room.
own culture

“Not everyone will understand, but if even a few understand that’s a positive.” – Mrs. Islam
(inserted comment “Brother, did you understand?”)

“Very good. Do you work for Unmad*? If not, immediately apply for a job there.” – Palash, I don’t have time
(comment underneath): “Garbage”

[*Bangla version of MAD magazine, founded in the 1970s.]

“The stink of rule-breaking…very spicy.”
(inserted comment):”Brother, that’s the first time I heard such an aeisthetic comment.”

“Think of it differently| First you will remember this. Actually you are inserting in a different path into everyone’s brain that there’s nothing to be afraid of. This is the now. Everyone be careful.”
(in column asking for email): “What do you need my address for?”

“He who has youth, this is the best time to go marching
He who has youth, this is the best time to go to war”

“Whoever did this, his head wires are slightly snapped.”

“I don’t ever want to see this kind of work. Show some better things.”

“A different way of remembering the state’s excesses.”

“Showing the unseen to make things visible? Taking the opaque to make things clear? Dreams watch each other narrowly? And certainly you have the eyes of this time. A few ripped chapters from a novel of this time. Show us everything your eyes have seen.”- Faruk Wasif

[To read Faruk Wasif‘s own work, check Graveyard of Hope and Listen to the Old Freedom Fighter]




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