10 pm

No Network, 4:01 pm

10 pm

Bones of Xindian, 4:10 pm

20 pm

I didn't want to sit anyway, 4:20 pm

30 pm

All you people look alike, 4:30 pm


I darted into a Kalabagan cybercafe and launched Skype videochat. Micheline came up on the other side, coffee in hand. After khuchra alaap, she pulled out a mobile and held it up, big smile on her face.
“What are you showing me?”
“My new phone ”
“I’m supposed to be impressed?”
“No silly, look closer.”
Closer and the keyboards were in Bangla.
“Where did you get this?”
“In Manhattan, this guy was selling them for $20 out of a box.”
“Wow, did he look Bangali?”
(pause, smile)
“You know all you people look alike”


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