SOUNDTRACK: for Aroggo Blowout (listen while browsing aisles)

Agora lawyers on line 1

Excuse me Mister, Agora's lawyers are on line 1

Accept no substitutes

Accept no substitutes

40 pm

Barcoded Watermelons, 5:40 pm



Wall Text

A mad rush at Agora, the gates are shackled. Curfew in fifteen minutes, Long lines of people at the cash machine. I go into another small department store, and the crush of people is unbearable. Everyone moving very fast, all looking for essential items.

One bidesh-feroth dhongi says to another, “Did you imagine you would ever see Bangladesh like this?” Shut up you idiot (I think), this isn’t being staged for the benefit of your summer vacation. But I’m being unfair, these days that American twang could be from Wills Little Flower, not New Jersey.

A boy starts pulling his mother, drawing her toward chocolates. No, not today. The line is too long, to hell with my Pran juice. As I walk out, I hear a voice yell, “bhai, sausage ache, sausage?” Sausage! Ey akal’er din’e sausage?….Superstores are eating Bangali’s head.


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