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BACKGROUND: 100 spoons but I need a knife

As the promised December ’08 “return to democracy” elections approach, Bangladesh’s grand experiment is in dark waters. August 2008 was the 1st anniversary of the anti-army riots that exploded on university campuses last year– a tectonic disturbance that was the first sign of derailed blueprints. Continue reading



Bones of Xindian: Usually pronounced as Zeendeean but also by wags as Ex-Indian. Dorky restaurant on Dhanmondi Road 27, smashed by rioters on Day 3. Later these ‘civillian’ targets were used to argue that riots had degenerated from anti-government to score-settling.

No Signal: All mobile phone networks were shut off from 4-6, the 2 hours that curfew was lifted. You could shop, but you couldn’t call fellow rioters.

I Didn’t Want To Sit: I thought of inserting Otobi (largest corporate furniture company in Dhaka) in thetitle, but since I already had 2 restaurants and superstore Agora, one more would just run over the lawsuit line. Continue reading

DEBATES: Unpacking Drafts

Shielding (from state censors) and revealing (to audience), I went through multiple iterations of the show statement+invite card. In early drafts, there was chatter about modes of production: poor quality printing anti-aesthetic; PVC banners from shops that make flexi-load banners for phone companies; etc.

Then I shared with Annu Bonbibi, and we argued while I morphed the text:

Naeem: Ok, no more “all you need is love” in the invite. Decided to go with FnF in the end because wanted to bring it back to mobiles…:-)

Annu: there’s a military govt on, you take pictures of curfew, Chitrak gives you space, and you decide to be cute…:-)…
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Zaid Islam

Annu Bonbibi (text feedback)
Mohammed Shahin (SIM master)
Hana Shams (prop hunter)
Eakub Hossain (logo hijacker)
Salahuddin Ahmed (motorcyle expedition)
Tanvir Ahmed (ghetto supermarket)
Mosharraf Miya (IPS wiring)
Yuen Chee Wai (Pet Shop Boys)
Gallery Chitrak (wall, wall)
Prof. Nisar Hossain
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